Refund & Compensation


When packing beauty products, we carefully check everything, but if an accident occurs, a refund and compensation is carried out in the following cases:

  • If an item has a defect or it is broken while received.
  • If you received the wrong item.

Refund or replacement of goods


Refund of the amount paid by card / cash or product replacment.


** In case of problems with the product, please keep the invoice (bill) enclosed in the box and take a photo (this will help speed up the return process).

All products sold at Bamboo Korean Beauty are subject to the Law of the Republic of Armenia No. 197 dated June 26, 2001 as amended by Article 10.1 of June 17, 2016, according to which they are replaced or returned if product has not been used, consumer qualities, seals, labels are retained the same as its original presentation as well as confirmation of payment provided to the consumer or other payment document (check/bill), as well as proof that you bought the goods from us. The costs associated with the return or replacement of goods are made by the buyer.